Breakdown fields missing from campaign stats


I’m calling the /stats/accounts/:account_id/campaigns endpoint and requesting the metrics “mobile_conversion_installs_breakdown” and “mobile_conversion_purchases_breakdown”, but these aren’t showing up in the response - instead I get “mobile_conversion_installs” and “mobile_conversion_purchases” without the breakdown. These fields used to show up by default when I didn’t specify a comma-separated list of metrics, but not anymore. This seems to have started happening since yesterday afternoon. Has there been an API change?


Hi @bmorrismz,

This hasn’t changed at all on Twitter’s side. If you check our docs and look under the Metrics and Segmentation Guide we have an extensive list of metrics available and we note which ones are returned by default.

Both mobile_conversion_installs_breakdown and mobile_conversion_purchases_breakdown where introduce in September of last year and neither have ever been returned by default from any stats end-points. In order to return these metrics you must use the metrics parameter and request them explicitly.

Please see the documentation for this end-point for further info of usage: