Bottom Line for Twitter Cards and Blog Articles


So, I would like to use Twitter Cards to help create a richer experience for users interested in my highly visual (many photos with each article) blog. I like to tweet the photos for an article over time making highly visual tweets. After a full morning of trying to get my head around the concept of cards and experimenting with the technology, I have reached the following conclusions.

  • Attaching a photo to a tweet as a photo-card or summary-card is LESS visible that attaching it as a photo because the card is not expanded in the user’s feed. All they see is text unless they click on the “View Photo” or “Summary” link.
  • Attaching a card to a tweet with an attached photo is impossible. For photo cards, I can almost understand this, however tweets do handle multiple photos pretty well and so it should be possible. For summary cards, though, why? If a photo in the tweet and a photo in the card complicate things, why not have a text-only summary that displays with the cards?

Why go to all the trouble of creating cards when attaching a photo to a tweet disables them?

After five hours I’ve come to the conclusion that attaching a photo to each tweet is the superior solution, and that’s what I started with. Am I wrong?