BotSocial - Needs a Button + public app visibility - Anyone know how?



Please forgive me if this is common knowledge, but for the life of me I cannot discover how to allow someone to allow my tried-and-true BotSocial application to update their OWN (i.e. I have been doing it with mine for a long time) account.

The idea is simply that I would like to send the best of “The Quote For Today” to any and all whom might like to have some inspiring quotes tweeted to their account, on their behalf.

Can anyone tell me how to (1) allow someone to see / request the use of our BotSocial App, as well as to (2) allow them to sign-up to use our app via a simple web-site click from “The Quote For Today”?


A good place to start is for an overview, and for implementing a way to get users to sign in to your app.

Once you have your App & a user’s token, you can send tweets on their behalf with (it will only work if your application has Read & Write permissions - those are set in )

How you implement it exactly will depend on what language / library you’re using.


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