Border not showing


I’m using an embedded Twitter timeline on a website I’m working on, and it’s working fine for the most part. By using ‘data-chrome=“transparent”’ I’ve managed to get the widget to look OK on the website, picking up the background color of the div. But it does not show any border around the widget, whatever I set as ‘data-border-color’. What might I be doing wrong?


I am having the exact same problem. Anyone know why the border color will not come through??


Experiencing the same problem.


Same problem. Setting data-border-color has no effect.


I get the same result at the moment, although if I set data-link-color as well, data-border-color works.

I’m guessing this is a bug, but as a workaround, setting data-link-colour="#0084b4" matches the Twitter widget’s default link colour.



Thanks for bumping this thread back up, and thanks to all above who figured out a workaround. We’ll have a proper fix out tomorrow.