Blurry images with Twitter cards from Wordpress Site


**Yesterday someone on my team noticed that all of our Twitter cards were blurry. I’m unfamiliar with the platform and only know that we use the WP plugin JM Twitter Cards". I’ve seen that someone has come up with a solution, but I don’t know where to implement it. Blurry images with Twitter cards and Blogger.

Where do I add this snip of code? <meta expr:content='data:blog.postImageUrl' name='twitter:image'/> Is there a specific file where it belongs, or do I just add it to the header of my site? :**


That solution will not work for you, as it is specific to Blogger, and will not work with Wordpress. You’ll need to ensure that the images that your posts link to conform to the size guidelines. Currently you link to for one of your posts, which appears to be resizing to something very small for a summary large image card.


I thought the images were supposed to be pulled from the featured image set in the post, for example, in the tweet you mentioned, this is the original image:

Is there a setting I change, plugin I can update, or code that I can add/alter to make the Twitter Cards display normally? They were fine (at least) 48 hours ago.


I assume this is something that is being done by the Wordpress plugin you are using. I’m not familiar with it, but you could ask the author.