Blurred Image with Summary Card



I’m having an absolute nightmare trying to create a summary card image that isn’t blurred/pixelated.

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but every image I try seems to pixelate/blur around the text?

I’ve tried all sorts of sizes, the file size is well below 1mb and it’s a pretty basic image comprising of background colour and a bit of text.

Can anybody provide the ‘ideal’ resolution/size etc for this?



There’s information in this post in on dimensions and size - this should be showing up in the main documentation later today once we roll out the new update to the docs. Note that your images will be converted to JPG for display in the card for reasons of performance.


Thanks Andy, although still having major issues with this :confused:

The dimensions in the documentation (which is now updated as per your last post) still appear to not work and cause the images to be ‘cut-off’.

I am also still suffering from really bad quality due to your compression rates. How is this possible on an image that is barely 11kb, in PNG format and within the image dimension/resolution specified?

You can see an example at, notice the awful pixelation around the text?

I look forward to your response and a fix for this.


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