Blue play button showing in iOS twitter card video playback



I’ve seen some other topics dedicated to this, but no conclusive solution. I’ve stripped down the problem to the simplest page possible:

When sharing this page on Twitter and viewing on the iOS app, the video card will continue to show the blue play button during playback. You are also not able to tap any controls in the player (i.e. to pause the playback).

Twitter is loading and playing the “twitter:player:stream” URL, which is just a simple MP4 file. No additional page elements or meta tags are influencing this, as far as I can tell. Here are the meta tags being used:

<meta name="twitter:card" content="player">
<meta name="twitter:site" content="@ndroopy">
<meta name="twitter:title" content="Sample Player Card">
<meta name="twitter:description" content="Hello. I don't know if this will work!">
<meta name="twitter:image" content="">
<meta name="twitter:player" content="">
<meta name="twitter:player:width" content="320">
<meta name="twitter:player:height" content="260">
<meta name="twitter:player:stream" content="">
<meta name="twitter:player:stream:content_type" content="video/mp4; codecs=&quot;avc1.42E01E1, mp4a.40.2&quot;">

I’ve also uploaded a screencast of the issue:

Any help would be extremely appreciated. Thanks!


I’m currently unable to reproduce this since the robots.txt file on your domain is stopping the validator from working, and no card appears when I Tweet the link. Are you able to provide a working link that I can check, or point to any specific Tweets that exhibit the issue?


… doh - checked your example screencast, and looked at the Tweets on your test account.

Very odd. The sample page and the frame you’re using look very similar to our sample. Are you only seeing this behaviour on iOS?


I’m experiencing the same issue, and it’s only occurring on iOS.

Here’s an offending URL:


Hi, @andypiper. Sorry about that, must have given you the wrong link.

Yes, we’re only seeing this behavior on Twitter’s native iOS app. It does not happen on Twitter’s native Android app, nor does it happen on third-party Twitter iOS apps.


Thanks, looking into this internally, but this is a bit unusual based on the small number of cases we’ve had reported so far, so bear with us.


Appreciate it. Thank you, @andypiper !


Current status is that I’m talking with our iOS client team on this issue. I don’t have a resolution and cannot offer any ETA for a fix but please be assured that this is being looked into. Thank you all for your patience.



Thanks @andypiper - we are anxiously waiting a resolution and are standing by if this is something we can adjust for! Thanks again for your help!


Bumping this up so that it doesn’t auto-close unresolved.


Appreciate that. This has been raised but I’m unable to provide a timeline for a resolution - the iOS team is aware.


We’d love to get some additional community help in diagnosing this issue.

Are those of you who are seeing the issue able to share more information? We’re looking for information on client / app version, OS, connection type (wifi or mobile), etc.



Hi Andy,

Client: Twitter for iOS v 6.62.1
iOS: 10.0.1 (but was happening with iOS 9 as well)
Model: iPhone 6S Plus (but was happening on latest-gen iPod touch, as well)
Connection Type: Both WiFi and Cellular

Hope that helps!


Hi @andypiper

Client: Twitter for iOS v 6.62.1
iOS: 10.0.1 (but was happening with iOS 9 as well)
Model: iPhone 6
Connection Type: Both WiFi and Cellular


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The iOS client team has investigated and has been unable to reproduce. Can you provide specific examples of current Tweets and/or URLs that exhibit this problem? Otherwise we will have to close this out.


Hi @andypiper

Still getting the same issue. Latest iOS and Twitter client on iPhone 6

cc @alexbussey


Hi @andypiper:

The behavior is still occurring for me.

URL Shared:
URL of Tweet:
Device: iPhone 6S Plus, running iOS 10.1.1
Twitter for iOS v6.66 (really?)

A screenshot of video playing but with blue play button is attached.


Thanks I will ask them to take another look.