Blogger Widget Looks Like One of Trumps Shouting Matches!



Another instance of an improvement that’s the exact opposite. No CSS I’ve tried has managed to tame the shrieking harpy the new widgets are. I want the widget to fit into my blog aesthetically and to look professional, not like some old Myspace teen’s angsty bleatings. Is this going to be addressed, or am I going to have to abandon Twitter? See for yourself:


There’s no Twitter widget on the page you linked. Not sure whether you’re using our Twitter for Websites widget (for which the design has been stable for a while now; not sure what you mean “new widgets” here) or if this is something Blogger provides and has updated.

At very least, can you provide a screenshot to illustrate the issue?




Put it back up. See? How do I get that to look like the rest of my blog?


Text autosizes based on width, so if you limit the width of the widget (data-width attribute) you can simplify that. You can also use the data-chrome attribute to hide different parts of the header/footer to simplify it. See the parameter reference documentation.


So what you’re saying is I Can’t customize the background of the tweets widget to match the background color of the Blogger header and that I Can’t customize the font size to be 14 pixels with the Tweet widget matching the width of the header and furthermore that I Can’t customize it to be rendered in the Verdana font?
If that’s the case then I simply can no longer use Twitter. I can’t see myself supporting your company with advertising Revenue if you refuse to allow me control over my content and control over my content also includes how it is displayed.


Don’t go all corporate on me, give me a solution to a reasonable desire to have full control over MY content and how it’s presented to the public. Isn’t generating revenue from web traffic enough for you? Why not be honest and steal intellectual property while you’re at it! What’s so wrong with giving your users options? Or is catering to the lowest common denominator your business model?
Seriously, am I asking for too much here?


Hi there @gustatious - I believe @benward has provided you the information you needed, and a link to the customisation options we provide. We apologise if the options available are frustrating to you, but we’re unable to support your question beyond the technical solution available. Appreciate for your contributions, but Twitter’s display guidelines and attribution and other requirements are clear and by choosing to use the service and developer platform, you agree to those terms. Thank you.