Blogger.js problem


Lately, below Javascript does not work in Internet Explorer. But there is no problem with Firefox or Chrome. What is the problem with IE?

<div id="twitter_div">
<ul id="twitter_update_list"></ul>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src=";count=10"></script>



Thank you very much Daevid Preis…


Sorry if I’m coming in at the wrong place.

I’m on oldstyle Blogger template. I have put in the standard Tweet button having chosen to pick up the page URL. That’s fine if I’m in an individual post as the page url corresponds with that post, but if I am in my home page, how do I get the Tweet script to pick up the permalink to the individual post in which it appears. At present it is just picking up my blogger homepage.

Thanks for any help


You’ll need to explicitly set the url parameter on the button. See for information.


Thanks for that reply.

But I’m still lost. Once I put the button in my blog template I have no further control over it.

Do you mean that anyone who wants to tweet one of my blog posts from the homepage has to amend the reference themselves as they tweet it? If so that sort of defeats the purpose of the button. I was hoping I could tweak the button so that it offered the permalink to the post rather than the url of my blog home page eg “” instead of just “”,

I notice has succeeded in doing this but when I nick his code it doesn’t work. Perhaps it’s because I’m on an old blogger template and it’s just not geared up to it.



Thanks for the reply. But I still have the problem on my blogger homepage. I need to have the button pick up the premalink to the individual post on the fly. If the person tweeting one of my posts has to insert the permalink into the tweet themselves it sort of defeats the purpose of the thing. seems to have got round this problem but when I copy his code into my blog template it doesn’t work. Perhaps the problem is that I am operating an old style blogger template? Still, my gut feeling is that there should be a way round this, to get the tweet to pick up the permalink rather than the page url…



Sorry if there is duplication in my reply. I came back to see if there had been any reply to me and my original wasn’t there so I restated it. Forgot the comments are moderated.



Have looked again at the page you linked to and have figured it all out. Have now amended Tweet button html to reflect the actual blog post rather than just the blog itself. Thanks for the help.


I can not tweet




I am very interested in the look of the blog twitter. Did twitter provides files (xml) for the blog. because I want to set it up for my blog.