Blogger.js missing?


It appears as though is no longer being hosted? We relied on this for showing tweets on websites. If you’re no longer hosting it, can you at least provide a mirror so I can self host it?


The API that script was based on was retired back in June. It wouldn’t be functional even if it were mirrored. Take a look at our embedded timeline and embedded tweet features, they’re actively maintained.


I was successfully using the 1.1 API and using the blogger.js script to render it nicely on the page. It stopped working when it was removed from your servers.


Or, would it be possible to provide the twitterCallback2 function which is what I was using to render the latest tweet on the page (properly linking the usernames, urls etc). All the data is coming from the server side with the new API, as previously stated.


There’s this:, but it’s a bit old.