Blocked People


I don’t understand why people I block can still see my stuff. When you block someone they should be cut off from your twitter completely. I cannot get retweets anymore because I have to protect my stuff so certain people can’t see it even though I have them blocked. I hate not be able to be retweeted and I hate having to approve all my followers. I love twitter but that is a serious problem for me. I wish I could leave my tweets unprotected and only hide them from certain people. I would really appreciate it if this problem was fixed. It would make more sense this way anyways. Thanks.


Omg girl I’m going through the same thing!!! It sucks having to have my account locked because blocking doesn’t seem to do a bit of good.


Same here. This is why many people end up changing their name and handle names constantly. There has to be some solution to block just one specific person. Why lock it from rest of the tweeples.


Same!! I have a huge stalker on my Twitter. Which is also a stalker outside of Twitter. I blocked him thinking that he will not see nothing of mines. But he can still see what I write. So now I have to keep my account on private. Like what’s the point of “blocking someone”? They say it’s just to “mute” them. I’m seriously considering deleting my twitter account because this is a huge safety concern to me and I know it is for other individuals as well. It freaking sucks! It wasn’t like this a couple of years ago! Twitter needs to change this!! And I mean NOW.


We are having some problem with stalkers. Got also 3 phone call threats in connection to our tweets!

Twitter, it can’t be that difficult to offer better security… even Facebook managed to do it in the monster script they use.