Blocked IP after application crash - failed to connect : Connection reset by peer



We have an application that runs without problems since 2 years. Today we experienced issues that crashed the server several times. We stopped the production site to investigate the issue.
After fixing the issue we are not able to start the application again, we get the error

failed to connect: Connection reset by peer - SSL_connect (HTTP::ConnectionError)

If we run a small test program it fails with the same error message, still we are able to run successfully the same test program on different servers.

Could it be possible that the IP of the first server is blocked because of today crashes ?


Which API endpoint are you trying to connect to?

Have you tried the same call using twurl?


Hi Andy,

We moved the apps on another production environment everything it worked fine.
When I came back to the original machine to make tests using twurl I got no error message. So I checked if I can start the apps on the machine and it was perfect. The error disappeared.

The app search every few minutes new tweets according to a specific query.
In case the app crashes a monitoring process tries to start it again. If itr’s not possible or reach a certain limit of retries (say 3 times a day) then everything stops.

I checked the applications this morning on the new machine and during the night we experienced the same issue, the same problem, we got the “connection reset by peer” error message.
But again, I was able to start the application.

So the error arrives from time to time since Friday. We check the ssl certificates with our provider but everything is fine.
I will run twurl in case it happen again and if I am connected to the system.