Blocked Hosts



So I encountered an issue with the following message being displayed when searching tweets:
Uncaught exception ‘Exception’ with message ‘couldn’t connect to host’

After some research and looking through a couple of these that had been put on Stack Overflow, I found that it is because I’m using Hostinger which yes offer free hosting, now I was about to purchase their full premium hosting but don’t want to do that if Twitter has Hostinger blocked completely. I think it’s unfair that the companies that offer Free Hosting get blocked completely even if the user has purchased the full hosting package. I understand they have to do it because of abuse etc… but what about the users that are genuine? What we just get blocked out even if we have gone ahead and purchased the full hosting? Just because of the company name and servers with the company name? Ridiculous to be quite honest, just because of a minority of abusive users the rest have to suffer? Does anyone know if this is indeed the case? If it is I won’t go ahead and purchase the hosting if all that is going to happen is my app is blocked because of the host I’m with. Heaven help us if GoDaddy or iPage or 123-Reg offer free hosting!