Blocked by Twitter from tweeting. "Can't complete this action" message But Twitter says account is ok


Twitter seems to have blocked my account, message " This request looks like it might be automated. To protect our users from Spam and other malicious activity we can’t complete this action right now."
but I’m told by Twitter that my handle hasn’t been blocked .
I Don’t understand the discussion on this topic already on this forum,
I’m a user not a developer, posting here in desperation as twitter offers no help anywhere on this.
Absolutely ridiculous.
Were a legal firm tweeting carefully.

The article I was sent to by a Twitter developer in response to this problem in no way covered the issue.
And I find this thread has been “Closed”.

If anyone has a similar issue, or has more constructive advice on how to resolve this specific problem, I would be most grateful, otherwise Twitter will be left off our digital marketing platform - with some relief.


Check out our support article for help with these kinds of issues.

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