Blockchain connect



Would be kewl to have a card where a blockchain address and probably an action could be rendered in a tweet. The card could look chart-stylish, assigned with the $currency logo and a call-to-action button. Metatags would be added to the linked URL source, but a linked account should be verified (write twitter ownership) on the used blockchain.

A bitcoin (or twitter-own altcoin [$DASH, $ETH, $DGB, $STEEM, etc.]) address on twitter-profile, would enable some payment possibilities. Connected with $LBC, authors could earn money and media requests (witness content for CNN, etc.) could be handled easy and automated.


Thanks for the idea - I don’t know of any plans to implement this kind of feature at the moment, but if there was a change, we’d certainly announce it via the forums. Thank you!


Thanks for that quick reply!
Couldn’t find a place to post such wishes, got another for different search pages (Locations, Areas, #Hashtags, $Finance, &Official, !Warnings).
Where should i place’em?


We don’t generally take specific feature requests or wishlist items as submissions as such - this forum is for discussion of existing platform and API features. Having said that, we do also listen to feedback here on the forums and let the relevant teams know when we can.

You can feel free to Tweet @TwitterEng or @Twitter too, of course!


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