Blank Embed Code


I’ve been having problems getting the embed codes for tweets over the past two days. It was working fine until about now. I’ve read other posts, but I haven’t seen any universal fixes for this problem.

Any suggestions?


Having the same problem since yesterday


Hi there, can you share the exact request(s) you’re sending?


I am also not getting any embed codes showing up. They are all blank when I click the embed tweet button. Been going on for the past 2 days. Twitter support has not yet gotten back to me.


Which browser are you using when selecting “Embed Tweet” for a Tweet?

Example Tweet:

Steps to verify:

  1. Select the “more” menu next to the Tweet actions
  2. Select “Embed Tweet”

Do you see both a text area with an HTML snippet you can copy and paste? A preview of the Tweet? Only one of the two? None?


I was able to reproduce delivery issues with Tweet embed HTML delivery in the “Embed Tweet” display on in Firefox 44. Investigating.


When I select the more menu I get the embed code button. When I click on that I get the actual tweet but the embed code is blank. I using Firefox 44. Have had this issue since at least Monday.


We have found and fixed the issue. Tweet embed HTML should once again appear in the Embed Tweet display on


I just checked and the code is working now. Thanks for fixing the issue.

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