Bid unit and charge by discrepencies between dashboard and ads api


Around 2 AM GMT this morning we started receiving bid unit “CPE” and charge by “ENGAGEMENT” for some of our campaigns from the Twitter ads API.
As far as we can tell this value was not set by us.
In addition, I cannot find any mention for such bid unit value in the Twitter ads documentation nor anyone mentioning it in the Twitter community forum.
Attached are 2 screen shots showing one example for such a campaign.
The first screen shot is showing the campaign details on the Twitter dashboard (available from the ‘Edit campaign’ button). It is showing that this campaign is optimize for app_clicks, pay for app_clicks.
The second screen shot is showing the campaign line item as received from the Twitter ads API. It is showing the line item bid_unit is CPE, charge_by is ENGAGEMENT.
This behavior repeats across all our accounts:


Hi @tomComprendi, how are you doing?

I’m not from Twitter Staff and I’m not able to review your account but maybe I can help giving you some info.

Related to the part where you say that there isn’t any bid_unit value in the documentation, if you go to: POST Line Item you can see the attributes:

Also I can share with you that I’ve checked some Line_Items in my project (all related with APP Installs) and my LineItems have correct Bid_Units and Charge_by.