Bid optimization (OAB and CPI) on APP_INSTALLS




We have a problem when creating APP_INSTALLS campaign using AdsAPI.
We have created campaign and when we won’t to create line_item with one of the new bid options (OAB and CPI) we get error “The account does not have the feature OPTIMIZED_WEBSITE_CONVERSIONS”.

In documentation ( this feature key is restricted to WEBSITE_CLICKS objective. So why this error?

This are account features:

“data”: [

TWURL calls:

twurl -X POST -H “/0/accounts/18ce545gvch/line_items?name=install-clicks&campaign_id=4j93i&bid_amount_local_micro=10000&bid_type=MAX&product_type=PROMOTED_TWEETS&placements=ALL_ON_TWITTER&objective=APP_INSTALLS&bid_unit=APP_INSTALL&charge_by=APP_CLICK”

twurl -X POST -H “/0/accounts/18ce545gvch/line_items?name=install-clicks&campaign_id=4j93i&bid_amount_local_micro=10000&bid_type=MAX&product_type=PROMOTED_TWEETS&placements=ALL_ON_TWITTER&objective=APP_INSTALLS&bid_unit=APP_INSTALL&charge_by=APP_INSTALL”


Hi Jancic_A,

I meet the same problem, I am trying to figure out what’s causing that.


Hi, I have solve the problem by setting the “Conversion tracking” correct. The reason is “Moblie app events” were not setting correct so that twitter do not know how to optimize.