Better rate limit for home_timeline?


So today’s announcement confirms that AAAPI is useless if you want the home timeline, and that the REST API is the only option left.

Can we have decent rate limits for that endpoint, at least? One request per minute is a massive downgrade from userstreams. Other less useful endpoints like user_timeline have one request per second!


+1 on this.

Going back to pre-2012 twitter is going to be so painful, I remember the days when during breaking news you’d be manually refreshing your timeline and have to stop for 10 minutes until your rate limit resets.

If your own apps can refresh every 2 seconds (Tweetdeck) then it would be nice if you’d let third party apps do that, but I’d even take once every 15 seconds (60 calls per 15 minutes) - that way apps could do every 20 seconds, and have a buffer for manual refreshes.

This would solve my biggest frustration with the API changes.

I’m also willing to bet that the 1% of people who use streaming clients make up significantly more than 1% of activity on the platform.


At this time, we have no plans to increase the rate limit on the home_timeline endpoint. As mentioned in the Tweet and in today’s blog post, the endpoint itself remains accessible with the existing rate limits and access levels.

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