Best way to use the new API with unauthenticated users


Hi everyone.

I apologize in advance for my English.
I need to get the last tweets about a specific subject (for example… well… Twitter!).

Today, i use to obtain that.
But as you know this is deprecated and it will shutdown. So i try to use the 1.1 API with PHP (twitteroauth) but i have this issue:

Every visitors of my website get the last twitter statuses about a subject with AJAX. If the visitor stay in my page, the twitter data will be refreshing all 10 seconds.

Today, the majority of my visitors are not authenticated by my website, and by twitter.
If i use the PHP-way to get data and display to my visitors, i will be rate limited if the amount of my visitors are too high. There is my questions:

  1. There is a way to build some “anonymous” token with my secret keys to “delegate” the rate limit window to my “anonymous” user?
  2. If not, my use of the API 1.1 are realistic? How?
  3. And, if not again, what is your recommandation, your advice to solve this?

Thank you very much for the enlightenment.


API v1.1 supports [node:13439] which allows you to provide limited user-anonymous searching with the API. It comes with a rate limit of 450 queries per 15 minutes for your application in total – so you could serve that many queries to your unauthenticated end-users per 15 minutes (including refreshes). I would recommend trying to convert most of your users to authenticated users for a better rate limiting context.