Best way to get recent tweets from a contact



I would like to integrate Twitter into my application (both mobile and PC/MAC) by showing the most recent tweets for a contact. I’m using ‘contact’ similar to how it is used in popular email programs (e.g., Microsoft Outlook) where a contact has a first name, last name, email address, bussines name, phone numbers, etc.

My question is how best to find the most recent tweets based on contact information. In browsing the API, it looks like I first have to find the twitter username based on a first name/last name search - but not sure of what query to pass in the search call that will return the best match for the given first name and last name. I noticed that the Twitter web site search functionality has a people section with a list of users. What is the REST API call to get this people result set from a first name and last name?

After I get the username, I assume I have to make another call to get the most recent tweets for that username. Is there one call I can make to do both of these things? Seems like a common thing to do - right?