Best Simple way to generate all OAuth paramaeters



i need to get the trends json file from here
but i’m confused about getting some paramters like ( &oauth_nonce , &oauth_signature )
So how i can get them simply , I’ve done much search but all result using complex way

Or anyone can help me by getting the file and send it on


The data from that endpoint will vary based on time (trends are updated in ~5 minute windows), so it may not help to send you “the file” unless you are only looking for a single point in time. Also - are you sure that place ID is valid? I’m seeing a page not found error on the API, and I don’t see a WOEID in our places endpoint that would match.

One way I would suggest querying the API is using a tool like Postman, or twurl. They should handle the OAuth steps for you more simply.


thanks for your reply
actually there changes in the plan now

i need to get the last 4 years trends and their volume for Egypt this WOEID (23424802)
how can i make that , is twitter support any API for getting this data


No, that is not possible - only real-time trends data is available in the API, not historical.


well for the nonce you just generate a random string of characters. for the signature, yeah it’s pretty annoying having to make it, but the point of using a signature instead of throwing your secret around (as with most other API-based services) is valid, it certainly adds security.