Best option for Streaming user's tweets


We’re building an app and in our efforts to create the simplest product possible, we’d like to avoid having a server altogether. The only reason our App would currently require a server would be for streaming tweets to avoid rate limits. Our use case is simply updating within our app a “Recent Tweets” list that shows the tweets of a single Twitter user. We have code to stream the tweets on a server and then serve those up to thousands of clients. What we’d like to do is run the streaming code on the clients directly. I’ve been reading through the rate limits of the various streaming APIs and feel that the answer is basically 'No - it’s not possible" but I wanted to ask in the forums to make sure that I hadn’t missed any options in the relatively complex API documentation.


That’s correct. Twitter’s infrastructure is not built for an essentially unlimited number of streaming connections from “anywhere” so the options are local polling, or (in future) the webhooks-based account activity API which will require server side infrastructure for the majority of use cases.