Best method for iOS App integration with Server Side authentication / saving oauth tokens


Hi Everyone.

I am having some issues finding the best APIs to use for our Twitter integration. Briefly - this is what I want to do.

  1. We have a website that has sign in with twitter, can publish to twitter etc (which requires storing a user’s oauth token to do publishing etc at a later date from the server)

  2. We want an iOS application that can register a user on our site. This uses an standard XMLRPC API with our site. If the user wants to Register with Twitter - then we want to use the built in iOS Twitter API for a user to authorize our app to access their Twitter account. Ideally the iOS would pull ouath tokens for that user’s Twitter account and send them to our server with a reuest to register them an account.

From looking at the documentation - it looks like the iOS Reverse OAuth API would be ideal for doing this. However, when I emailed Twitter to get access to this API they responded stating that after reviewing my request it appears this is not the best API for me to use.

With no explanation of what would be best to use in this case - I am not sure where to look from here. Is this a case of the Twitter support not understanding fully what I want to do, or should I be using something else?