Best logic in posting/saving Tweets into your website


From what I understand, the Twitter API only allows you to get tweet information using the API if a token/secret is provided. This is great for creating a search web app, etc. But after that, how should the chosen/saved tweets be served?

I can save the chosen tweet into my web app’s database, which is obvious. But the likes/retweet numbers will become outdated as time goes on.

However once the tweet is saved, I cannot keep re-requesting the tweet data with a generic token/secret every time someone visits that page. If I do, the number of visits is likely to make too much requests and eventually restrict the API access.

Is the best way to tackle this problem by re-requesting the tweet information every XX amount of time? Or is there some other way that I can do this more efficiently?


It sounds like you’re asking for people to do some engineering for you. You would probably get much better results if you would post exactly what your web application is trying to do, how you’re doing it, what frameworks you’re using, what concerns you have with your current implementation, and any specific obstacles that you currently have. As of now, your question is broad, vague, and somewhat confusing.