Best approach to get total shares for individual URL?


Hiya Everyone,

I would like to show the total shares for individual pages on my website.

  1. Go to any GoFundMe project, I’d post one however I’m not sure
    if this counts as third-party advertising.
  2. Below the big image / video area you will see a Twitter share button and counter with a Facebook share button and counter and lastly those totals added together.

I have a working script which does this, however I’m told my method is not supported;

Is there a supported method / how does GoFundMe approach this?

Best Regards,


The Tweet button displays a Tweet count.

You can view the Tweets about a URL using Twitter search.

You can display the latest Tweets about a URL using a Twitter search timeline widget.


GoFundMe is a highly popular website which looks like they have used the same approach as myself yet their IP has not been blocked.

Is it actually possible to do what GoFundMe have done but with 100% approval from Twitter staff?