Benefits of Multiple Line Items


Dear Twitter Staff and Community,

I was wondering about the benefits of using multiple line items within a campaign.

At the moment, when we create multiple line items within a campaign, the only thing that I see is that you can target different targeting criteria for each line item. I know that you can also limit a line item from spending a part of the total budget of the campaign. But this is the total amount, not the daily amount.

The problem here in this scenario is that the line items don’t pace and spend evenly on a daily basis. Each line item spends independently of each other, and we can get into a situation where we have 1 line item that could spend all of the campaigns budget, and other line items have only spent a minimum amount. Why is that? What is the intention of this?

With that being said, circling back to the beginning, can someone explain to be in having the benefit of multiple line items? Why don’t we have line items spend evenly, with a ability to increase frequency in a case there are line items that are doing better than others?


Here is another problem with line items and campaign Campaign and line items total budget problem


Any help here guys - any suggestions would help.


@andrs @jillblaz @JBabichJapan I’m not sure if it’s okay to tag you guys like this, so apologies in advance for this desperate plea.

But it would be really helpful if you could shed some light on this. I really want to make full use of the Ads API, and at the moment, I just don’t understand the point of having multiple line items within a campaign. Please advise.


One of the benefits of multiple line items is that you can create a greater variety of targeting combinations, which would be impossible to achieve at the campaign level. A best practice of multiple line items might be considered to ensure that the targeting of each line item is significantly different from each other, to ensure that bids and tweets are managed versus disjoint sets of users…effectively enabling more granular optimization.


Thank you very much for the reply. I understand that.

The pain here really is that we are not able to control how much each line item is allowed to spend. Meaning, on a daily basis, we cannot really control how much a line item can spend on a daily basis.

Consider this. Campaign has a daily budget of $100, and has 2 line items. From this, on day 1, Line Item 1 can spend all of $100 for the Campaign, and the Line Item 2 can spend 0 for that day. With that being said, we aren’t really giving Line Item 2 a chance to spend as much as Line Item 1. Does this make sense?

With that being said, is there any possibility that we can add a Daily Budget at the line item level?