Being sent to twitter and not callback


Im not sure if im in the correct category here, but Ill try anyway.

I wrote a little framework to post pic to twitter, and it’s been working well, Ive used it successfully on a couple of sites. This particular site was working for about 3 months, the last working post I see is from the 6th. As of the 12th when posting i get the tokens and whatnot in my redirect then am directed the sign in twitter screen. To which I sign in. Normally after this I would be directed to my callback page, but as of the 12th I just get sent to and my post was not posted. I havent changed this code in months, why would it all of a sudden stop working? The code still works successfully on many other sites. Any ideas what the issue is or where to look? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


It would be very helpful if you included more details/examples/code. Make sure you include oauth_callback during POST oauth/request_token and not during GET oauth/authorize.