Behaviors descriptions missing



GET targeting_criteria/behaviors return is missing descriptions for items, while they are available on browse categories in edit campaign ?


@Nennad thanks for reaching out. We don’t currently have any plans to support these descriptions via the API, but I’ve filed a feature request on your behalf to support this.

Is the goal here to capture this data and display it to end users? Or are you just looking for the expanded description for your own purposes? Displaying this data to end users might get tricky since you’d still have to deal with localization and language support.


@brandonmblack thanks. It is for end users. I understand localization implications, presently we ourselves support English language only so in my case that’s not the problem :slight_smile:

Human readable names of metric ids

@Nennad we’ll definitely take the feature request into consideration.

With very few and small exceptions (some targeting criteria types are simple, straight-forward enough its ok) the Ads API doesn’t currently return any values or messaging intended to be served directly to end-users. All API messaging and content is currently very developer focused.

The expectation is that partners consuming the API will handle the user experience and presentation layer from within their application and API responses, key names, error codes, etc. should not be displayed directly to end-users.


Hi! I’m interested in this feature too.


Until the behaviour descriptions are provided through the API, I extracted them from the Ads UI. You can match them by name, but make sure you use trim($apiBehaviour->name). The phrase “Provided by … (Datalogix / Acxiom / etc.)” is not included because it can be taken from the API.

@Nennad: fyi.