Beginner to OAuth



Hi there!

I am very new to javascript and apis (started a few months ago) and I am working on a project atm where me and my group want to have a twitter respond feed that match certain topics. (e.g: Get 10 latest tweets about the White House).

Now I have been looking around on web to find tutorials on how to do this using only html and javascript (no jquery!), but all of the tutorials I find are with node.js or have jquery in them or in another language.

I want to find a beginner tutorial that shows how to use OAuth and twitters API with only html and javascript, if that is possible?

Can anyone help me with this?

Many thanks


Hi there Erik - you will definitely find this difficult to do from client-side Javascript, because the Twitter API does not support something called CORS which allows cross-site authentication. I’d recommend looking at a node.js server-side solution, which would not hit that problem.