Bearer Token help


Good morning,

I am working on a app that needs to be migrated from the 1.0 api to the 1.1 api. It only needs to read and display the tweets from the twitter feed.

So I need to get a bearer_token and follow the instructions on these pages:

I encode the credentials from the app on the account with the twitter feed I want to display and build my request and make it identical to the example, and all I get is a 403, server understood the request but refused to fulfill it. No json giving an error, just that 403.

I am using postman in chrome to test this and after consulting with a number of people here, none of us understand why we are getting the 403. I’ve tried refreshing the keys and recreating them.

What am I missing?

Thank you!



I am also stuck exactly at this stage. I am getting no clue why I am getting a 403 when I am following the steps mentioned.

@TR_Amadeus : Did you get it resolved by any chance?