Batch size for new audience api



I am trying to use the new audience api: accounts/:account_id/tailored_audiences/:tailored_audience_id/users

Here: , it’s written:

The current maximum batch size is 2500 for this endpoint . The batch size is determined by the number of entries in the users field, regardless of the operation_type

It seems that we cannot post more than 2500 operations in one request…but what it means by “The batch size is determined by the number of entries in the users field” ? Can you clarify more on the number of users I can post in one operation and how does it affect the number of operations I can post in one request.

I have tried to post more than 2500 users separated into two “Update” operations in one request and it worked. But when I tried to separate each user into a different “Update” operation and then post the request with all such operations, it failed saying batch size is larger than 2500.


Hi @kirankumarimeh1,

Thanks for reporting this. We will look into this and get back to you.



Hi @kirankumarimeh1,

I’ve confirmed that our documentation is wrong as you pointed it out. I appreciate you brought this up here.
We will update our documentation accordingly, but I can clarify for you that we’re counting the number of operations rather than the number of entries in the users field. So as you figured it out, you can POST more than 2500 users in one operation object but you can’t POST over 2500 operations in one request. We do not have a hard limit for the number of entries in the users field at this moment.


Tell me about rate limit of Audience API