Batch Search for IDs with Twitter API


For twitter I’m querying tweets through its search and storing that tweet data on a local server. But metrics such as number of retweets, number of favorites, etc is something that can change over time.

So at a later point in time, I want to go back and check how those tweets have changed, except Twitter has a rate limit on the number of request. This means I cannot do each tweets individually. Is there a way that I can batch search tweets based on their ids so I do not reach the rate limit?


Unfortunately not, you would need to look up each tweet individually using statuses/show – minding the rate limit associated with the method.


If I were to use multiple twitter applications, would that be a way of increasing the rate limit?


That would likely be considered “circumventing rate limits”; We have Streaming APIs that stream some of the information you’re looking for in real time – especially if there are specific accounts you’re looking for updated information on or are being issued access tokens by the users you’re concerned with.

Otherwise, you should scope what you want to accomplish to what is possible given the rate limits.