Batch requesting


Is is possblie to batch request in order to get the least number of queries as i am exceeding the user/lookp limit for 15 minutes


No, you are already are doing batch requests with users/lookup (100 users at a time). What you can’t accomplish in 15 minutes, you must wait until the next 15 minute window to accomplish. And so on with the next.


That fine… the main reason for this is because I would like to find the location of all my followers, is there a better method then this get query that i could get this information as i may have over 5000 followers


No, this is the best way. It’ll just take you time.


the problem is that i keep getting logged out of the token as the taken is waiting for 10 minutes is there any way of avoiding that


If you’re getting “logged out of the token” it’s something your code, library, or environment is doing. Maybe you need to do some more coding to prepare for that scenario?