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New to twitter and if there’s a better place to ask this question, pointers welcome. Apologies for basic questions - google searching was just not getting me what I need.

My interest is in setting up an alerting capability for a combination of weather and other conditions that are geographically specific. There are a variety of alerting services out there (NWS has one), but best I can tell there isn’t a single feed someone can listen to / follow in order to get the particular set of alerts we are interested in providing, and some of it doesn’t appear to be out there at all. Apologies for being a little vague, but I don’t want to “preannounce” exactly what the content is and who it is for.

The alerts would be on some geographic basis, probably somewhere between the states and county level.

So do I set up 400-500 separate twitter accounts corresponding to the regions (if Twitter would even let me do that)? Or is there some way to use a single twitter account and hashtags so that alerts are tagged with their “region code” and followers have a way to follow but only get the tweets for hashtags (regions) they care about? Definitely do not want someone in Sarasota FL getting alerts for weather in Seattle (unless they specifically want it).

I’m not a developer, but we will have developers work on the problem if appropriate. I’m just trying to understand what the best practices approach should be.

Mike (Munsterlander99)


Unfortunately there’s not a way to target Tweets to specific users geographically, and there’s not a way to only follow a user’s Tweets if they contain a certain hashtag. (I’ve seen various workarounds to this, typically with browser extensions, but I don’t think that would satisfy the case you have).

I’ve seen multiple geographically-targeted accounts work the way you’ve described. A good example is Caltrans: as they maintain different accounts for their various districts. Of course, they’re not at the 400-500 account level, and registering/managing that number of accounts will be prohibitive.

While Twitter is very good for some types of alerts, this is unfortunately not one of them. Your idea may need some tinkering / scope limitations to work within the constraints of Twitter’s messaging service.

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