Basic authentication not supported for retweets



I am using the GET statuses/retweets/:id to get the 100 retweets for tweets identified by their ids. Until a few days back I was able to get this data without any problems maintaining the 350 request/hour threshold. For the past few days I am finding that the program I use for collecting the retweets is behaving strangely. For the first few ids I am getting the retweets and after that for all subsequent requests I am getting the following error: “Basic authentication is not supported”. Could someone please tell me what is going on? FYI, I am using the Perl library Net::Twitter for this.


Here’s the code that I’m using. I have omitted the keys and the tokens below:

use Net::Twitter;

my $nt = Net::Twitter->new(legacy => 0);

$consumer_key = “”;
$consumer_secret = “”;
$token = “”;
$token_secret = “”;

As of 13-Aug-2010, Twitter requires OAuth for authenticated requests

my $nt = Net::Twitter->new(
traits => [qw/OAuth API::REST/],
consumer_key => $consumer_key,
consumer_secret => $consumer_secret,
access_token => $token,
access_token_secret => $token_secret,

$tid = “256122168813965312”;

my $statuses = $nt->retweets({ id => $tid });
for my $status ( @$statuses ) {
print “$status->{id_str}\t$status->{created_at}\t<$status->{user}{screen_name}>\t$status->{text}\n”;
if( $@ ){
print “$@\n”;


Could anyone please respond to the above-mentioned problem?