Basic Access - Manage authorized accounts



We have an App with Basic access. According to the documentation we can onboard up to 15 advertisers. This limit is enough for us to manage the volume of advertisers we have on a monthly basis. However, old clients who have used our App are still accounting within this limit. We reached out to them to ask them to remove our App but it’s not really efficient.

I can’t find any setting screen where I can manage who’s authorized to use our App. Is there such a thing or I’m stuck with my 15 inactive users that I can’t remove by myself?



Hey @tvty

You can use the POST invalidate_token endpoint to remove any existing tokens you may have authenticated in the past.




If I understand the documentation correctly, the invalidate_token method is only for Bearer Tokens that are tokens for the application itself.
According to the documentation an access token can be revoked only by the user itself or if the application was removed by Twitter.

Could you please confirm this?