Banner creatives are stretched since 4.11.0 (iOS SDK)



Hi there,

We’re seeing a weird behavior since upgrading to version 4.11.0 of the mopub-ios-sdk.
It seems that creatives rendered in a WKWebView are sometimes stretched. The exact same banner looks fine when displayed in a UIWebView (sdk v4.10.1).

Is anyone else experiencing this and is there a way to work around it and keeping the SDK up-to-date?

  • using SDK >= 4.11.0 (WKWebView)

  • using SDK <= 4.10.1 (UIWebView)

(tests done on iOS 10.2, 10.1)


I am seeing the exact same thing here and my banners are all sized correctly. Also, only affects certain ads so it looks like a bug in the SDK.


I raises this issue with the support email but they basically seem uninterested in investigating or fixing this issue. They just keep asking me to supply Charles logs etc and since they are not my creatives I will not be doing that.

I expect that at some point either they will address this in the SDK or the affected creatives will be updated so not my problem.



Hi @jldagon and @bamcpherson,

Thanks for escalating this to us!

This is definitely unexpected behavior. In order for us to track down the creative that is not loading correctly on SDK version 4.11 (WKWebView) but is loading correctly on SDK version 4.10.1 (UIWebView) we will need more information about the creative. That way, we can diagnose the issue and work with the DSP to fix the creative. Since we haven’t come across this issue in all of our testing, we do believe it to be specific to the creative.

Escalating the creative to our Support Team via the alias with Charles logs or the output from our Creative Flagging Tool would be the next steps to resolve this, as it will provide us with all of the details we need to replicate the issue. Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team with this information and they will dig in.



I have the same issue with the exact same ad. I just updated my SDK to the latest so I feared it was my integration, as it looks like the creative, I’ll continue with my release.