Banner Ads not showing up


I’m trying to follow this instructions and i was able to view the test banner (b195f8dd8ded45fe847ad89ed1d016da)

But when I try to configure a new Ad Unit ID from my account it’s not showing the banner but its says that the banner is loaded on my logs but the ads does not show up, here is my ad unit (e72f8c7ccbdf4361913a1c0fbb250a56)

Thank you in advance


@jefoy1101 do you have the exact line item targeted for this ad unit? If this is still an issue for you, please email and they will be able to confirm the setup for you!


I already emailed them 5 days ago got no reply yet


The ad unit you are using seems to be associated with a banner ad unit under PSM Test ExH app. Since the impressions seem to be lining up perfectly with requests, our support team will need to look at the device logs. We also seem to be getting emails to our DSP Support team under this account - is this your account or is this account being used for DSP testing?


I believe that’s me who emailed you guys and one of my co developer


Great - did you guys follow up on the support@mopub email? Since then, we have not received an email from you but we can definitely prioritize as soon as you ping us when you reply and we can help you further with the device logs!


we manage to display the ads, but the ads should be wrap in a javascript variable, remember we are using a custom network here and we created our own JS tag to direct the traffic in our network, does mopub custom network only expects javascript ads?
like this

var a_6b594f42 = ‘’;
a_6b594f42 += “<”+“script src=“"><"+"/script>\n";
a_6b594f42 += “<”+“noscript>\n”;
a_6b594f42 += “<”+“a href=“” target=”_blank”><”+“img src=“” border=0 width=320 height=50><”+"/a>\n";
a_6b594f42 += “<”+"/noscript><"+“img src=“” width=“1” height=“1” alt=”"/>\n";

If i get a HTML ads like the one it does not displays it

<a …>  


hello @jefoy1101 - did you get a chance to email our support team?