Banner ad not expanding in demo app



I am testing a 320 x 50 Mraid Ad tag, that expands on click to take over the entire screen. In the mopub demo app, the expansion doesn’t take up the entire screen. The ad expands, but only a part of the ad tag that fits into 320 X 50 is visible.

How do I fix this ? I wanted a way to test this ad tag.



Hello Agokul,

We don’t debug ad tags. Please make sure you are passing the tag as an MRAID tag. If the tag is built correctly and is passed as MRAID, it will use the MRAID ad view. If not, it will use the default adview and expand in the 320x50 slot.

You can however, set up a sample app using our banner integration documentation after getting set up in “Getting Started”. However, it should work in the sample app regardless.

Getting Started
Integrating Banner Ads

Getting Started
Integrating Banner Ads

You can work with one of our Rich Media Vendors to see how they implement their expandable banners here.


Hey. Did you fix this? Can you share me the code that you are using?