Bad result with lists/members



I’m trying to get the data of an lists/members request with jQuery, but i’m having troubles. The list is 60 members strong, so i’ve to use the next_cursor_str to get it all. I’m getting three Json, i can parse them, and i can display the data.

Here the urls :

The first two Json return 20 array without a problem, but the third one… get between 17 and 20 each time i reload the page. If he get 20 array, 19 of them are unique and one is a random copy. The 20th array never appear if the third json get 20 array.

Now… i’ve noticed something strange with the cursor (next, next_str, previous, etc.) the number change at each reload. They’re never the same. And sometime, the third (and last) json get a “next_cursor > 0”, wich it’s not normal.

[Edit : i’ve make some test with another list of 36 members, not a problem work perfectly. So why this one fail ?]

Someone having the same trouble ? Someone find a solution ?