Bad flicker when viewed in IE


If you look at the site in IE 8 or 9, you will see a terrible flicker on the “Tweet to” line. Is this a known issue?


No comment at all? Anybody? This is the new Twitter widget that we are required to shift to. I know support for our old widget is going away.


I second this… any fix or workaround for this annoying bug would be greatly appreciated!


Hi guys. There’ve been a few threads about this, and a workaround is the use the data-chrome=“nofooter” mod on the embed code.

We had trouble reproducing the issue, but there’s now a fix in the queue and the problem should be resolved soon. Apologies for the delay.



Hi everyone. We just deployed new code today that should fix this. It may need a short while to propagate through the various caches of the internet, but should be cleaned up soon.

Thanks for your patience.