Bad Authentication data twitter search API 1.1


I am total new to social media integration.
I am integrating twitter in my android application.
I have successfully logged on to twitter using oAuth but now I am stuck with search API.
I am trying to use the search API 1.1

This is the query I am constructing

Is this the correct way I am doing? Or am i missing something here?
Please help!


That’s a correct style of URL – how are you formulating the request? Are you signing the request and using the access token you received from the negotiation steps?


Previously, there was a way to just visit the search URLs and see JSON (this helped with verifying that we were using the right URL in order to access the JSON we need for our applications). I’m just starting an application that would be difficult to work with without first testing the JSON in this fashion. Is there any way I can simply view the JSON in my browser that I’m trying to retrieve at this URL?

The reason I’m asking the question in this way is because several of your responses seem to indicate signing the request, but if I’m just trying to see the JSON in my browser, why would I have to sign the request?


The API requires authentication to provide a response. The browser is unable to provide the form of authentication that is required (signed OAuth 1.0A requests or requests via app-only auth’s bearer token).

The easiest way to preview the JSON nowadays would be to use app-only auth and curl on the command-line. Also the console at