I just created an access token, how do I use this to create backlinks to my website when I make twitter posts?


What’s a backlink in this context? While having a registered application will identify the application as the source when it is used to post tweets, the link to the application is wrapped in an href with the rel=“nofollow” attribute specified.


Forgive me, I’m a newbie at this. I thought this was a way to make sure every post I put on Twitter would give me a backlink to my site??? Or should I just type in my URL on each post to do this?


I don’t really know much about the world of backlinks and SEO. Honestly, I don’t believe in direct attempts to influence such things. Whether posting links directly in your tweets, using a specific application to make those tweets, or otherwise has any influence on these things or not is way outside of my knowledge domain. I would consider any resultant SEO bump as side effects of producing engaging content that is further shared by others.

The types of questions I would ask are: When you tweet from your account, would a link back to a specific page on your site add value to the content (the tweet)? From your site, do you provide a means for users to tweet about the page they’re on (Tweet Button) or to follow your account to stay abreast of tweets they would find relevant?


Ok, that is good insight I can use. Thank you Taylor!