Backfill at other than the line_items and promoted_tweets level



There is a line in the analytics best practices section of the documentation stating: “Do request data (ideally) at the line_items and promoted_tweets level, as you can always aggregate and roll these metrics up to get totals across the entire ads entity hierarchy (i.e. for the campaign, funding instrument or account levels).” This statement falls under the Fetching Real-time, Non-segmented Data section. During the recent Ads API conference it seemed like in all cases we should only request data at the line_item or promoted_tweet level but the documentation makes it seem like that should only be applied to real-time non-segmented requests. Can the other endpoints be used for fetching historical data?



Hi Mark -

We suggest that for all data you fetch, you fetch at the line_items and promoted_tweets level, not just for real-time data. We’ll likely deprecate analytics at entities higher in the tree with future versions of the API.