Avoiding Out of band mode from iOS implementation


How do you avoid this useless Out of band mode for iOS development. I have the token return and once a user follows this the first time it works but it is very confusing and ugly.

Can I use a false callback url? or stop this useless Out-of-band mode?

Thanks for your help.


Hi @elliotrock,

You can use dynamic callbacks on iOS to avoid the use of the PIN code flow. You’ll need to put a placeholder callback URL on your application record (just use a http-based URL pointing to a personal website or similar) to allow the use of dynamic callbacks. On the request_token step of OAuth, you’ll supply an explicit oauth_callback parameter pointing to a custom URI scheme you registered for your application in the OS.


Thanks, I cannot believe that I forgot to add that callback url to my app. Now to close that webView automatically…


You can set a URI scheme in XCode as @episod mentioned, such as myapplication://, which will redirect you back to your app with the oauth_verifier after it.

I’m doing the same thing, problem I have is twitter doesn’t like it and keeps redirecting me to twitter.com!

EDIT: Scratch that. If you are going to do this method, set the oauth_callback as “whateveryoururlschemeis://[ArbitraryString]”. Some reason Twitter didnt like it without some random text after it.