Avoid Replicating the Core Twitter Experience



I need some help determining if my new app feature will violate the twitter developer policy.
Do not do the following:
Use Twitter Content or other data collected from users to create or maintain a separate status update or social network database or service.

My app is a fitness app where users can share a completed workout to twitter with the tag #myfitnessapp. I want to search for tweets with that hash tag and display them in a list in my app.

Does that violate the twitter developer policy?


That sounds like a fine use case to me - if you’re displaying Twitter content, rather than taking the Twitter content and then storing it separately and using it to create your own service, then that’s a common use of Twitter data. In fact, Fabric for iOS and Android supports using a SearchTimeline to display timelines of Tweets directly inside mobile apps, and we have embedded timelines on the Web as well.


Great! thanks for the quick response.