Avast blocking Twitter Widget


Hey guys,

I just read your FAQ and it told me to come here and post about it, I did a quick scan of the first few pages and saw some similar pages but nothing specifically about avast.

I’m running Chrome, latest version with Avast and Adblock Plus installed, Avast was the culprit and it seems to have Social Networks blocked by default which is a little strange. They at least seem to recognise Twitter and block it anyway:

Either way now that I’ve disabled it I’m okay to go ahead and work on my website but I’m curious to know how this affects other website viewers, I assume it’ll affect them in the same way so hopefully Avast can unblock Twitter widgets by default so no-one’s visitors get Tweet-blocked (:

Thanks for awesome development btw,


Por favor, mi cuenta fue suspendida y quiero apelar a para que que me sea devuelta y no se cómo hacerlo