Autoplay videos from player card


I am building an application that shares player cards with a custom player frame and would like to make the shared videos autoplay. Is this at all possible?


Per the player card documentation, video content longer than 10 seconds must not autoplay, and autoplaying videos must default to audio off. This policy is subject to occasional change and review, so keep an eye on the player card docs.


Thanks! I was wondering what is meant by autoplaying there? If I add “autoplay” attribute to my video element the video starts playing after I hit the play button over the thumbnail picture. If I don’t add this attribute I have to click “play” twice - once the big play button over the thumbnail picture and a second time from the video controls that show after this first “play” button click. What I’m trying to achieve is the same functionality as with the manually uploaded to twitter videos - autoplay the video upon page load (i.e. without clicking any “play” buttons at all) and this doesn’t seem to be the default behaviour. (even though my videos are < 10 seconds in duration)

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