Automation of Tweets at the request of the user for a period of a few days


In light of the recent Senate ruling on SJ34, the bill that would remove the FCC’s ISP privacy rules, I have created an application that would allow users to automatically send a daily tweet to their house representative and senator expressing their disapproval of the bill. This “campaign” of mine would only run for a few days until the bill is voted on by the House next week.

After looking more closely at the Twitter “Automation rules and best practices” I realize this probably falls under the “Automating multiple accounts” section. I would argue, however, that this automation is for community benefit and should be permitted.

The last thing I want is to get banned from using Twitter APIs, or worse, get someone else’s account banned for spamming. So my question is: would Twitter deem this type of automation to be “for community benefit”? If not, I will shut down the app.